Weekly Update

This week I as I began to get the Diablo-esque game into a playable demo state, I noticed a few things that were holding it back from being a more fun experience. The problem I was having was that there was no way to ‘avoid’ a melee hit. And at low levels without many hit points, this usually resulted in whoever got the attack animation off first, usually won the fight immediately. When playing against a computer, this meant you would almost always lose.

So I actually started to integrate more of the open source d20 rules. This changed the way the game worked on a pretty deep level, but it allows for a lot more strategy and much more depth. You can still attack and get killed pretty quickly, but you have options that you can exploit to give yourself a possible advantage. It’s much more engaging.

So that’s what I’ve been working on the latter part of this week. No screenshots to show for anything yet. Hopefully next week I’ll have the majority of this new system done.

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