Weekly Update

This week was a little busy but I still managed to get a decent chunk of work done on the Diablo-esque game.

The big thing I was able to add was working AI that will always be looking for enemies with range, has a random chance to try and use a special ability, but will otherwise try to capture the nearest uncaptured control point. It’s all done using behavior trees which I’ve really enjoyed working with.

I also started working on the Vanguard class and the Pikeman class, and added ‘Effectors’ so that certain abilities can stun, slow movement, or poison.

Once I wrap up these effectors and flesh out some more special abilities, I can work to finish off the first 2 factions I’m adding in the game: The Kingdom of Vireveth and the Raging Claw goblin tribe, each with 5 separate classes.

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