Track Star

A single tap mobile game. The faster you tapped the faster you would run. Steering controls with the accelerometer. It was going to be a game mainly about high scores (or best times in this case).

The unique thing about this game was the character physics. Using a third party package, I was able to dynamically blend ragdoll simulation to the character animations. So if the player were to fall over I could blend out the running animation and blend in the ragdoll physics, which made for some really good looking wipe outs. I also written some basic AI that follows a predefined set of waypoints that the player would race against. The player could run in to the AI and both would actually fall down, then you’d see them get back up, and start racing again.

At this point scope creep started to enter the picture. I thought, if you can run into the AI, what if I added some controls to push them over? It started turning into more of a Road Rash type game and the more I worked on it, the more grandiose it became. I ended up setting it aside for another project.

Gameplay (2x speed)
Jumping bug