Tap Warriors

A single tap game about timing attacks against an endless horde of goblins. I had built a Crossy Road style monetization system, with around 45 unique characters (each with a unique special ability), a lotto system and timed gift system. So for a certain amount of coins you could get a random character. At certain time intervals you would get a free gift of coins, and coins could also be gained from killing enemies. Or you could purchase specific characters with in app purchases. I only stopped this game because I wanted to finish a different project that already used the same assets.

One of the biggest issues I had with this game was mobile performance. I had to do a lot of texture compression to get the memory down to mobile-manageable size, and lots of lightmap tweaking. I had actually upgraded to Unity 5.6 in order to use the new progressive lightmapper system.

Archmage special ability
Dragonsoul Knight gameplay
Astromage special ability
Mercenary gameplay
Character Selection