Tap Warriors A single tap game about timing attacks against an endless horde of goblins. I had built a Crossy Road style monetization system, with around 45 unique characters, with a lotto system and timed gift system. I only stopped this game because I needed to finish a different one that already used the same assets.
Multiplayer Apocalypse A third person multiplayer action game. I used Photon for the networking solution and some ‘Simple Apocalypse’ assets from Synty Studios. This game was going to be a mixture of team deathmatch with simple zombie survival.
Diablo-clone A Diablo/Running With Rifles inspired, top down fantasy action game with minor role playing elements. I was originally picturing the player just being one soldier in the middle of a massive war. I ended up trying to turn it in to a third person game, and eventually stopped working on it as it grew too big in scope.
Track Star A single tap mobile game. The faster you tapped the faster you would run. Steering controls with the accelerometer. The unique thing about this game was the character physics. Using a third party package, I was able to dynamically blend ragdoll simulation to the character animations. So if the player were to fall over I could blend out the running animation and blend in the ragdoll physics, which made for some really good looking wipe outs.
Cop Sim This game was going to be a mix of open world game play and a throwback to the old adventure games (Police Quest in particular). I had some basic traffic simulation, vehicle, and movement systems done. Because I never ended up nailing down the requirements and core gameplay, I stopped working on it.