Older Projects


These are in mostly chronological order. When I first started I did fall prey to that habit of jumping around various projects. I don’t see that as too bad a thing, because during that time I was able to learn more than I thought I could in the time I did. Now I focus on completing projects by having one primary project, then a secondary that I work on once or twice a week to get a fresh perspective.

Shadow War
This was going to be a re-imagining of one of my favorite games, X-Com UFO Defense. It was one of my first game development projects, entirely too ambitious, and one of the best learning experiences.

Zombie Wasteland
I’ve always felt like there hasn’t been a good survival / zombie game that captured the desperate survival situation. I wanted to make a game where the player had to manage food, shelter, even other players. And I wanted to give the player freedom to make choices that can greatly influence the game play.

Superhero game
There’s just something about a destructible environment that takes a game to the next level. It’s probably one of my favorite features because it really lets the player feel like they can impact the world. It’s also very difficult to successfully implement. This game was started as an experiment into some destructible ideas.

Space SRD
One of the challenges of game development is creating a cohesive set of rules. One particular company, Wizards of the Coast, released their core set of rules for a system they developed called d20. These rules are available for free (with certain limitations). This project is a translation of those vast set of rules to a computer game, set in a sci-fi space setting.

This game, if ever released, would be my magnum opus. It would be a massively multiplayer game that would be part Minecraft, part Freelancer, part Wing Commander, part Star Control, part Star Bound. It primarily exists as a working design document and a couple of early prototype planet systems, none of which accomplish that effect I want.

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