January Update

Work continues as usual. My primary project is still my iPhone game and that’s coming along nicely. I’m just about done with the core gameplay. After that it’s on to refining some of the logic in the code, adding more art assets, more refining and optimizing, then final art assets.

Planetfall is still in the design stage. I’ve tested a couple ideas but I haven’t found a solution I like. I don’t really know that it’s technically feasible, and I’m not sure if optimizing it would produce the results I want. I suppose if push come to shove I can seperate the planet surface from the rest of the universe; I just really liked the idea of seamless transitions from space to planet.

A few weeks ago I was bored and pulled out the Modern SRD code and started refactoring some of it. Sometimes it’s enjoyable to go back to old code and see how much my coding practices have changed or advanced from back then to now. I might work on this project some in my off time or to take a break from the iPhone app. I could see a fun, turn based, old school d20 game, but within the space d20 environment.

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