Released Games

icon1 Blasty Pack – iOS
A game heavily inspired by Pilotwings, features 3 different worlds with 8 stages each. The game involves piloting your character and jetpack through a series of rings. Features In App Purchases, multiple characters and jetpacks.
Football_Icon jpg Run the Ball – iOS, Android
My last ‘small game’ where you start at one end of a football field, and have to dodge players of the enemy team coming after you.
icon 1 png Paparazzi Puncher – iOS, Android
Another small game that is in some ways like an endless runner. You play as a bodyguard to a famous celebrity. As you get closer to the event premier, more and more paparazzi come up and try to snap a photo. The only way to teach them a lesson is to knock them out.
large icon 1024 Bounce Kitty Bounce – iOS
A bite sized game about bouncing kitties between spikes. Released in August 2014 for iOS, Google Play Store, and Windows Phone. Integrated AdMob and Apple Game Center leaderboards.
NoShadowsatall Sushi Free – iOS
A free version (with in app purchases) of my first game, Sushi Go Yobi, with a new world map, updated menus, and some bug fixes. Released July 2014.
game icon Skeleton Slayer – iOS
A game with the same concept as Zombie Raid but with 3d graphics. Released for iOS in April 2014. Integrated AdMob and Apple Game Center leaderboards.
large app icon Zombie Raid – iOS
A 2d game consisting of flicking a ball of explosive energy at an oncoming horde of zombies. Released for iOS in March 2014. Integrated AdMob and Apple Game Center leaderboards.
icon512 Free Climber – iOS
A game about moving the players hands over hand holds to climb mountains. Unlockable characters, climbing areas, and upgrades. Featured in-app purchases. Released in January 2014 for iOS. Beta version ported to Windows Phone.
NoShadowsatall Sushi Go Yobi – iOS
A simple slicing game where the player made rolls of sushi. Paid app on iOS, released in November 2013. My first app release and no longer available on the App Store.

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