February Update

I added a new Projects page with a list of a few more of my older projects that I’m not currently working on. I might try to get them to the point of uploading a small working version that can be tested out in the browser with the Unity player.

Development-wise, I’m primarily working on the Sushi Go Yobi iPhone game, and maybe once a week I’ll spend a day on the Space SRD.

Sushi Go Yobi – I’ve refactored some of the code to make it easier to maintain and make changes. I’ve got the basic ‘sushi creation’ process in place – the player gets an order, then goes into the rice stage where the sheet of Nori appears. Once the player is done adding rice, it’s the ingredient stage where they can select the raw ingredients, slice them up then add them to the roll. The final stage, which is what I’m working on now is rolling up the ingredients, and slicing the finished roll into pieces.

Space SRD – basic movement via tiles is done (with pathfinding). Working on inventory and attack actions.

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January Update

Work continues as usual. My primary project is still my iPhone game and that’s coming along nicely. I’m just about done with the core gameplay. After that it’s on to refining some of the logic in the code, adding more art assets, more refining and optimizing, then final art assets.

Planetfall is still in the design stage. I’ve tested a couple ideas but I haven’t found a solution I like. I don’t really know that it’s technically feasible, and I’m not sure if optimizing it would produce the results I want. I suppose if push come to shove I can seperate the planet surface from the rest of the universe; I just really liked the idea of seamless transitions from space to planet.

A few weeks ago I was bored and pulled out the Modern SRD code and started refactoring some of it. Sometimes it’s enjoyable to go back to old code and see how much my coding practices have changed or advanced from back then to now. I might work on this project some in my off time or to take a break from the iPhone app. I could see a fun, turn based, old school d20 game, but within the space d20 environment.

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Different Direction Possible, World Building

I have been thinking of taking a slightly different direction with the game I’ve been working on. I keep reminding myself that the most important thing is execution; actually completing a project should be the number one priority at this point. I should reorganize the game into something much smaller and more manageable so I can go through the entire process of releasing a game. I might just switch games completely and revisit a previous idea but on a much smaller scale. Baby steps.

On an unrelated note, I’ve been practicing some level / world building with terrains, heightmaps, and 3d art asset creation. I started putting together a scene from one of my favorite games:

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Weekly Update 8

I think it’s week 8 since I started the regular weekly update. It’s been difficult to find time to dev with a new system being rolled out a work, since I’m usually able to get a lot of things done while I’m at work. Also Skyrim.

  • Damage formula calculates damage based on a random range around the weapon’s ammunition
  • Health works and weapons (both raycast and explosions) correctly subtract health, accounting for armor damage reduction
  • Destructible wall system in place – right now I’m only using a placeholder wall and place holder debris is generated when the wall is destroyed
  • Early pathfinding system in place

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Weekly Update

This past week I’ve been most involved in a new project. The majority of that time was spent researching and designing. It wasn’t until today that I’ve been able to start to write code for the project. Depending on how much gets done on this project, I’ll try to create another Unity networking tutorial that goes more in depth with a game; if I find the free time.

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