Sushi Go Yobi update

Finished a major update for Sushi Go Yobi today. All of the core game flow logic has been coded and tested, and is in working order.

I’ve begun testing on iPhones. The performance on the iPhone 4 still leaves much to be desired, as it gets down to 12 fps at it’s worst part. I’ll continue exploring optimization for this. The 4s however, doesn’t budge from 30fps. If possible I’d like to set the target framerate at 60 fps.

The next areas of work will be having different types of rolls, then hopefully start integrating graphics beyond placeholder stuff that I’ve made myself.

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First Screenshot Saturday – Sushi Go Yobi

Over the weekend I posted my first submission to Screenshot Saturday (which is just a weekly reddit post where game develops post screenshots of the work they’ve done that week).

I figured I should start showing other developers the work I’ve done so far as a way to encourage myself to push through and finish the game. As a game developer, it’s so easy to get over ambitious and keep coming up with ideas for games, features, etc. That’s the easy part; turning an idea into a game that is finished is the difficult part.

Progress on the game has really picked up in the past week. I’ve knocked out a couple of really huge issues I was having. This one particular issue with the slicing was giving me lots of trouble. For some reason when I would slice one game object into two, the pivot point would remain in the center where the original object had been. So whenever I’d tried to move a sliced ingredient it would always be offset a distance of how far it was from the original pivot.


In these pictures, the bottom part was sliced and selected. Then I clicked to the left to the tuna fillet in approx. the middle point, and you can see it still moved it where it would have been had it been still attached.

I tried a few different approaches with changing the pivots but all that proved to be was a headache. What I ended up on each slice was storing a Vector3, and the moment the slice occurs I calculate the difference between the and the pre-sliced, and store that difference in the slice. Then, whenever I actually move the object, I just make sure to add the stored Vector3 offset to wherever it’s moved, and it gets positioned accurately.

I’ve also been in touch with a game artist through a friend and we’ve started talking about him doing some of the models and environment for the game.

So overall, the past couple of weeks have been very productive!

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Sushi Go Yobi Update

This is the mobile game I’ve been working on. I want to go ahead and start trying to record the progress I’m making with the game so I can go back later and see the areas that I can improve on.

The premise of the game is a mixture of slicing mechanics and a rice against time puzzle. The unique twist to games in the genre is that its all in 3d and it’s dynamic slicing. The puzzle portion comes in from having to correctly place the ingredients to create a sushi roll for a customer. The more well proportioned the cuts are, and the more even distribution of rice on the sushi roll is, the more money the player receives. And the player has a certain amount of time to make a certain amount of money before time runs out. The player starts in a run-down hole in the wall sushi bar and can eventually work their way up to a fancy restaurant with more exotic type sushi rolls.

A lot of the initial code is in place, and I’ve had my prototype working on both my iPhone and my Kindle, and I’ve been talking to an artist to get some 3d models and environments for the game. So far the progress has been steady and solid.

Here are the screenshots so far:




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