More RogueLike tutorials

I’ve found a couple other tutorials about writing RogueLikes. I haven’t gone through any yet (though I plan to), but it is a nice change from reading/studying the syntax of a language. All of them are in C++.

Terror in ASCII Dungeon Tutorial (Beginner) (Archived) (Incomplete)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Wrath Lands Tutorial (text based rpg in Visual C++)

EZRL Guide another tutorial using the EZRL library in Visual C++ and also using the SDL

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Learning Java – Book Outline

In the past when I’ve set out to learn something like a programming language, I usually start with a lot of zeal and passion and then with no where to go I end up running around in circles getting nothing done and I become frustrated and give up. Something I’ve been trying really hard to do the past year or two has been to spend the time upfront to ‘learn how to learn’. So I’ll force myself to spend a day or two to understand the broad generalizations of whatever subject I’m interested in, and then to develop a specific plan of how I am going to go about learning.

I’ve decided to learn Java and this will be my process to do so, based on my own research about recommendations.

Beginner book:

Intermediate book:

Advanced books:

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