Computer Troubles

I had begun working on a smaller project to complete before I started work on one of my much more longer term projects. I had a good drag and drop inventory system in place and was maybe around 25% done with the project when my computer started experiencing issues. I spent the past week trying to get it back up and running to no avail, so I ended up ordering a completely new system.

It should get here this week and might take a day or so to build and configure, so it will probably be next week until I get back to work on the small project, assuming I’m able to completely recover the contents of the hard drive. I should have backed up completely, but with it being a smaller project I didn’t bother (my other projects are all backed up). Lesson learned – no matter how small a project, if you’re serious about it, back it up.

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I think it’s worth it to take the time and look for a really good keyboard. Some might say only a pedant would care about details like the amount of pressure to hit a key or the sound it makes, but it really can make a difference if you do a lot of typing.

For the longest time I used whatever keyboard came with the computer (Dell’s and HPs), and before that I used random spare keyboards from my dad’s computers. A few years ago I finally went out and bought an expensive keyboard from Razer called the Lycosa. I remember being pretty happy with it for awhile but after a few years of use and a bunch of crap being dropped between the keys I finally decided to get a new one today. I saw recommendations of the Das Keyboard, but without actually typing on it I wouldn’t consider it. There were also recommendations for one of the old IBM keyboards which I have used before, but I didn’t feel like special ordering something and I wanted my fingers to just glide of the keys and not have to put much pressure on them.

I actually found one I really like and ended up purchasing at Best Buy (oh no!). It’s terrible I know, but I enjoy going there with my fiance and walking around. Anyways, I ended up getting a Logitech Illuminated Keyboard. The moment I put my hands on it I knew I would be buying it. It’s got a great feel to the keys and I like the slim profile. I would definitely recommend checking on out; they should be available at any major electronics retailer.

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