Update and Tutorial Ideas

I’m still here and still working on game dev projects, even though this is my first update for 2016. I decided to start working on a desktop game release, since all of my games up to this point have been for mobile.

To that end, I’ve worked on a few prototypes for some game ideas for desktop. My first prototype was a game made in a similar control style to the Dark Souls series of games. Those games are heavily animation driven so I ended up learning quite a bit of new things with Unity’s mecanim system. I also toyed around with a few old game remakes (or at least ‘inpsired by’). One being the old NES game Crystalis, and the other being the SNES game Desert Strike. Both of those didn’t get too far into the prototype stage. My latest prototype was using character physics for animation. I had originally wanted to create a network system for character physics but I think the scope might be too big, especially if my original goal is a desktop release this year. I think I’m close to narrowing down the projects into one to focus on exclusively. So far it’s turning out to be a mix of Dark Souls and Running With Rifles. I’ll update more as I know more.

The other thing was a few ideas for new tutorials. I’ve been working with several third-party assets from the Unity Asset store that I’d like to make tutorials on. So far the top picks are Final IK + PuppetmasterThird Person Controller, Behavior Designer, Gaia, and possibly PlayMaker. I had thought of this before the Unity Affiliate announcement, but if that ends up being a thing then I might as well sign up for it and make those tutorials though!

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