Screenshot Saturday

Right now, I’m working on a video game adaptation of the table top game Spycraft 2.0. It will be a turn based tactical / rpg game. This past week I’ve been working on character creation. In Spycraft, like most table top games, character creation is a massive ordeal. So I’m only about 20% of the way this process.

One hurdle I would run in to in the past, when I would try to prototype out a game like this, is how to incorporate complicated gameplay features that would span multiple character levels. For instance, during the character creation the player selects a feature that gives them a +1 to a certain skill, and then every 3 levels afterwards they get another +1. I struggled with a solution that wasn’t really messy. I finally decided to create a Level Up Modifier class that keeps track of all the benefits that should be gained and at what level.

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Zombie Raid Coming Soon

The past couple weeks have been busy with the move and new job. However, I was spending some free time working on one of my more involved projects, just chipping away at it. One of the things about being an indie developer is that feeling of being completely overwhelmed by the scope of a project.  With this game I wanted something fairly simple, with one primary mechanic and one level. The point of the game is to last as long as possible, getting as many points as possible. I added the game center integration for iOS so you can compare you score against others. It should be out on the App Store in a couple of days.

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