Future Plans

I’ve spent a considerable amount of time deciding on the direction to take Palladium Games. I feel like indie game development can be a lot like playing the lottery. All it takes is one hit to ‘make it big’ but trying to get that one hit can feel a lot like playing the lottery. The most viable way for an indie developer to create a business in games is to create many smaller games. Even doing that it’s still very difficult, not to mention much less glamorous. Everyone wants to have the next big hit that every one is playing. But the way the app store works is to reward the one who spends their time making 10 smaller games than 1 large game. This advice is primarily for app developers, but it holds true for PC and console to an extent. There are a lot of talented developers and I think the two biggest things that hold us back are time and money. Most of us don’t have the luxury of treating game development as a full time job, and the money used to create the game is often our own personal money. Because of this, I believe the most successful path in this segment of the business is to get to the point where you have a sustainable business and then branch out and start creating your masterpiece game.

So that’s my current goal right now. I have several plans for creating smaller mobile games and I hope to create a business that will enable me to create the games I dream of.

I’m currently finishing up my latest game, Free Climber. My next project I’m tentatively calling Zombie Cannonballer. Think Angry Birds + zombies. Again, I’m aiming for a simple and easy to use casual game. After that is finished up I might try to rework Sushi Go Yobi in to a free version with in app purchases. I’ll probably work on Modern Tactics in between each game when I need a break.

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Free Climber

Free Climber is a free game with in app purchases that features unlockable climbers, levels, and upgrades, much in the style of Hill Climb Racing. The initial release will have 3 climbers and 4 levels to climb.

Get it here on the App Store.

One thing I wanted to emphasis in this game was simplicity and ease of use. The biggest thing is I believe the game to be fun. I think that’s easy as a game developer to forget when you’re neck deep in some gameplay mechanic and random ideas for new features floating around in your head. When it all comes together, is it enjoyable? What constitutes something being enjoyable is going to of course vary from person to person and platform to platform. But I think with casual mobile games, simplicity and ease of use can be used to really work in a developers favor.

The game is hard to categorize. In some ways it’s a physics puzzle, in others it’s more of a racing game. The climber has two hands to grip on to rock holds as he moves up the mountain. He has an energy meter that is constantly ticking down and can only be restored by collecting apples along the climb. Also scattered through the climb are coins that can be collected to unlock new features. It also offers the option to buy coins from the iTunes store.

screenshot4 screenshot1 screenshot2 screenshot3

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