Latest Project

I’ve done some more Unity Networking and I’ve been playing with Smartfox Server for an MMO environment. If I get enough demand for one, I’ll write up a tutorial about some basic MMO networking, although I doubt there is such a thing as a “basic” MMO tutorial.

My current project that I’ve decided on is a tactical rpg that I’m tentatively calling “Modern Tactics”. It’s a modern day setting, turn based gameplay, and largely based off of the Modern SRD. What’s the Modern SRD? The company Wizards of the Coast created a table top role playing game that’s kind of like Dungeons and Dragons but set in modern times. This game, like others, uses dice to determine the outcome of actions following a specific set of rules. The core part of these rules are *freely available to be used and expanded on. The *freely part could possibly be disputed but that’s a completely different topic. Anyways, there have been a large number of smaller companies that have created their own take on this system, with new rules, new environments and settings, etc. I don’t think anyone has adapted them to a computer game yet, but that is my current project.

I’m thinking it will work kind of similar to the latest X-COM games, minus the base building for right now. You’ll have a screen to manage your soldiers, equipment, and crafting. And when you receive a mission, you select and gear up a squad, and send them out. The game then transitions into the 3d turn based view and uses the Modern SRD rules for most combat.

Right now I’m just planning on the core set of rules. If there’s enough interest I’d like to expand it to other settings like Urban Arcana or the Future setting. I also briefly spoke with some third party companies that have added their own unique rules and settings and they might be interested in a pc adaptation of their work as well.

So, plenty of work to be done. Also, I started a twitter account. Feel free to follow me there, as I’ll try to keep that updated with what I’m working on more than once a month.

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