Monthly Update + Tutorials Coming Soon

Work on Sushi Go Yobi continues. It’s slowed down a little, as it becomes more of a fine tuning process. I put in the first piece of real art and I’m really excited about it. Originally we were going to use normal maps, and while that by itself can be taxing for mobile devices, the slicing mechanic put it over the edge, so we’re sticking with a diffuse shader.

Since Sushi has slowed down a little, it is giving me a little more time to flesh out some other ideas I’ve had, and experiment with a few other technologies. I’m really hoping in the next month to write a new networking tutorial. The one up there now is kind of old and really needs to be finished. I might even delve into some massively multiplayer concepts. So unless something critical comes up with Sushi, I’d like to have the new tutorials up within a month.

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