Sushi Go Yobi update

Finished a major update for Sushi Go Yobi today. All of the core game flow logic has been coded and tested, and is in working order.

I’ve begun testing on iPhones. The performance on the iPhone 4 still leaves much to be desired, as it gets down to 12 fps at it’s worst part. I’ll continue exploring optimization for this. The 4s however, doesn’t budge from 30fps. If possible I’d like to set the target framerate at 60 fps.

The next areas of work will be having different types of rolls, then hopefully start integrating graphics beyond placeholder stuff that I’ve made myself.

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May Update

Last month was pretty busy in my personal life (moving into a house and starting a new software development job among other things), so I haven’t been able to do too much with Sushi Go Yobi. Luckily, the 3d artist I was going to work with got involved in another project that should be wrapping up soon. So with things finally settling down I should be able to get back to more regular updates.

Right now I’m in the process of refactoring some code for Sushi Go Yobi and finishing up the overall game logic, which is just about done. After that I’ll move on to juicing things up.

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