Sushi Go Yobi Update

This is the mobile game I’ve been working on. I want to go ahead and start trying to record the progress I’m making with the game so I can go back later and see the areas that I can improve on.

The premise of the game is a mixture of slicing mechanics and a rice against time puzzle. The unique twist to games in the genre is that its all in 3d and it’s dynamic slicing. The puzzle portion comes in from having to correctly place the ingredients to create a sushi roll for a customer. The more well proportioned the cuts are, and the more even distribution of rice on the sushi roll is, the more money the player receives. And the player has a certain amount of time to make a certain amount of money before time runs out. The player starts in a run-down hole in the wall sushi bar and can eventually work their way up to a fancy restaurant with more exotic type sushi rolls.

A lot of the initial code is in place, and I’ve had my prototype working on both my iPhone and my Kindle, and I’ve been talking to an artist to get some 3d models and environments for the game. So far the progress has been steady and solid.

Here are the screenshots so far:




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SRD and Art

My primary project during this time has been my sci-fi turn based rpg. I’ve had this project going on for a while, working on it off and on when I need a break from my regular game dev. I don’t remember how much I’ve wrote about it in the past, and I don’t have it in it’s separate project page yet, so here’s the basic premise of the game: it’s an adaptation of the System Reference Document (SRD) released by Wizards of the Coast. What this is, is a set of rules that many of the most popular role playing games used. When this role playing industry was in a slump, the company Wizards of the Coast, released a general version of their rules systems for anyone to use. So anyone can take their rules, create their own setting/world/environment, and play. There are a few different ‘versions’ of the SRD. The main one is for a typical Fantasy RPG, but what I’m doing using the Modern and Space SRD. A turn based rpg game based on the SRD set in a sci-fi setting.

I think at some point or another, many a game dev wants to build an rpg despite being told they are very long and complicated. And sometimes that “call of the rpg” is hard to resist. So I gave in for awhile and got to the point where I would need to start creating some basic art assets. That’s a tough point for me to get past, not just for this particular project. But RPGs require tons of art assets. And it’s difficult to switch my brain from code to art, even if it is just ‘programmer art’.

I do want to get more practice in creating my own assets, and most game devs should. I don’t plan on devoting myself to the point of creating high quality, release ready art. But even having a roughed out general idea of what you envision can dramatically improve your chances of finishing a game.

Back to the game – I’ve got character creation working which sets up a basic character, a movement system based on tiles with a working system that scans the surrounding tiles for walls and creates a line of sight, and a basic inventory system. Once I get to a point I’ll start posting some screenshots.

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