Superhero game update

After uploading the super hero game I made a page for, I wanted to revisit the idea and implement a different way to ‘destroy’ the buildings.

In the original code, once a wall was hit by either a projectile or beam (or a fast moving player), it would remove the original wall, and ‘fill in’ that wall with equal sized cubes, and if a damage threshold has been reached, it would apply physics to those cubes in the effected area, and then an explosion force to the cubes.

As you can imagine, for large walls it was extremely inefficient to remove the entire wall and replace the whole thing with smaller cubes. The cube size I was using was 0.5m x 0.5m x 0.5m. So a single wall that was 100 meters high and 100 meters wide (with only a depth of 0.5m) is 10,000 cubes. And each cube has 6 faces for 12 triangles (2 triangles per face); it starts to very quickly become very expensive in terms of processing power. Especially if the player was only hitting a very small part of the wall.

In the latest update I’ve been working on, I changed the way the code works so that I’m actually manipulating the vertices of the cubes, and generating new cubes on the fly. Essentially, when a wall is hit I have the code split the wall in half lengthwise, then heightwise, and continue down splitting the wall in the area that is affected. So instead of replacing the entire wall, I end up only replacing the effected part, and the rest of the wall is more efficiently split apart.

I’m debating on posting all the code for the game once I clean it up a little more, or possibly going through it and adding multiplayer support.

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Superhero build posted

I posted a small Superhero game test in the Superhero page, or you can just play it here.
Instructions: Create your character and you will start at the top of the white building.  W, A, S, D move your character around. Space jumps. Holding space will make you jump higher (according to the power). Jumping while mid air will activate the Flight power. To equip a beam or ball power, click on it and assign it to your left hand (right hand is not implemented). Any power above 5 will usually cause the framerate to momentarily drop. Beam powers do not have a special effect, but they still work.


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February Update

I added a new Projects page with a list of a few more of my older projects that I’m not currently working on. I might try to get them to the point of uploading a small working version that can be tested out in the browser with the Unity player.

Development-wise, I’m primarily working on the Sushi Go Yobi iPhone game, and maybe once a week I’ll spend a day on the Space SRD.

Sushi Go Yobi – I’ve refactored some of the code to make it easier to maintain and make changes. I’ve got the basic ‘sushi creation’ process in place – the player gets an order, then goes into the rice stage where the sheet of Nori appears. Once the player is done adding rice, it’s the ingredient stage where they can select the raw ingredients, slice them up then add them to the roll. The final stage, which is what I’m working on now is rolling up the ingredients, and slicing the finished roll into pieces.

Space SRD – basic movement via tiles is done (with pathfinding). Working on inventory and attack actions.

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