New developments

I’m still here, and still developing games. I had a unique chance to create an iPhone game so that’s what I’ve primarily been working on lately. I’ve also started planning another game for PC but I’m thinking that it will be an extremely long development process, but it’s one I want to document so I started a dev-blog for the game called Planetfall.

What I’ve learned most in the past six or so of game development is taking the time to properly plan software. I’ve started/stopped what seems like dozens of projects, that were all good ideas, but since I didn’t take the time to plan them out the complexity became overwhelming. So with these last two projects (iPhone game and Planetfall), I’m making sure to spend as much time as I need to write and plan.

Unfortunately I don’t have any screenshots for the iPhone game yet. Most of the time has been spent planning, and I’ve just recently begun coding the basics.

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