Super Hero Prototype

The other week I decided to try and prototype out an idea I had been tossing around in my head for several years.

In June 1995 I bought my first issue of PC Gamer magazine. The cover story was on a now defunct company called BullFrog, which ended up releasing some amazing games. The story was a preview of a bunch of games that were, at that time, currently in development. Maybe it was the writing, or the idea, or the simple fact that it was my first PC Gamer mag, but I still remember a section about a game that was about super heroes. The game was called M.I.S.T. (My Incredible Super Team) which was later shortened to The Incredibles. It was only a few paragraphs about the concept, but I still remember the broad strokes. Fully destructible environment, custom super heroes, fighting in a city that feels the effects of your power.

Every couple of years since then I would try to find out whatever happened to it. I couldn’t remember much about it, and I didn’t have the magazine anymore. Last month I finally reached out to someone who had the magazine and scanned in the pages for me, which you can see here. I decided to revisit the idea of a game like that, and prototype out some ideas.

One of the most important things is the destructible environment. Not just because it looks cool; I want the player to feel like they have power, and they have a choice to use that power responsibly or carelessly and then are able to see the effects they make based on their choices and actions. Of course that’s an incredibly hard thing to pull off in a game, so I spent a few weeks tossing around ideas of how I could hack something together.

I think I have the basics of one of those ideas down, and prototyped it out. The prototype works on a small scale, so I want to start introducing some more variables and increase the scale and see how it responds. Either way I’ll post up some screenshots on how it goes.

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RPG Character Creator Status

It’s been taking much longer than I thought to finish the spells list. A lot of the other parts of it are finished, but I want to go back and refactor a lot of the code, so it will be awhile until I feel comfortable with releasing it. I’ve also been prototyping a new idea I had, but I’ll post about that separately.

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