Post-Thanksgiving Update

I managed to get a few things done before the Thanksgiving break, all within the 3d levels.

  • Players can move soldiers around 3d world
  • Can cycle through available soldiers in the world with ‘next soldier’ and ‘previous soldier’ commands, all soldiers retain their own inventory configuration
  • Inventory system fully functional, with items added through code in the world map showing up in the 3d world
  • Can drop items (with physics) that fall to the ground, then pick them back up into inventory

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Weekly Update

This week I’ve been working on the transition from the world map to the crash site level. I’ve just about got everything in place to make the transition happen. For now I’m assuming the player aircraft shoots down the UFO. The UFO grabs where it’s crashing and randomly picks one of the terrain tilesets in that region, saves all of the relevant information from the UFO (like UFO type, the mission type, number of aliens, etc). Once the player sends an aircraft that contains soldiers to that crash site, you can initiate the mission which sends the crash site the relevant information for the player’s side. And then the crash site is created base on all of that information.

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Screenshot Saturday

Screenshot Saturday – one day early. 11/11/11
Hope you like!

Basic World View


Building a base


The base home screen


List of soldiers at this base


Details of a particular soldier


Outfitting an aircraft


Equipping one of the soldiers


Buy / Sell items screen on base


Launched an aircraft (blue dot) to attack the UFO (pink dot)

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Weekly Update

I was busy the previous week and didn’t get a chance to update or do much work. This week I’ve been working on the game some and some more tutorials.

  • Random generation of alien UFO’s performing missions on the world map
  • Alien UFO’s flying around the world map
  • Player aircraft flying to waypoints
  • Player aircraft following UFO’s

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