I’ve started doing work on the inventory system. It’s a little difficult to wrap my head around the programming concepts. I’ve got it recognizing objects within a certain radius of the player whenever he pulls up the inventory screen. So there’s a section for those objects on the ground shown with icons. I’ll just need to finish up with being able to drag those ground objects onto the player.

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WWEX – damage and destructible walls

I have the mechanics of how damage is applied to objects finished. I don’t have any actual weapons besides the ones I coded to test (without any actual models or textures). But the framework is in place to where the environment is destructible. I’m not going for anything realistic and this is in a destructible environment in the way that X-Com was. Making the models for all the different weapons in a ways off but the framework is all done.

Here’s a screenshot of the aftermath of an explosion that destroyed the corner of the building.

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WWEX – bullet issue fixed

I think I fixed the issue with walls reacting to bullets incorrectly (making them bounce away). I was using a mesh collider on the box, but these type of colliders have the worst performance. I suspect that the game engine wasn’t catching the actual collision so it didn’t process the function to destroy the bullet and the wall. But I don’t really know. What I do know, is when I changed from surrounding the wall in a mesh collider to a more simple and better performing box collider, I haven’t seen any bouncing bullets and the correct function gets called every time.

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WWEX update

I have the beginnings of my first structure, the gas station. I’ve also almost got the destroy script working that, once it does completely work, will allow for simple destruction of all the walls, floors, and ceilings. I have to place each individual tile which is a little time consuming and I just figured out I have to redo this entire structure to get the script working correctly. I’ll try to do that tomorrow if I do get the script working.

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WWEX is back on

Development is back on. Unfortunately my graduate school schedule would not fit with work, and I have a wedding to save up for (next summer), so the back to school option is off the table for now. The good news is that I’m back at work on WWEX.

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WWEX Update

I did some work on textures last night. I wanted to see what it would look like to directly copy a texture from X-Com for the wooden wall. I thought it looked good but then I started thinking that I was making something too similar to that game. I need to make everything original and only draw inspiration from that game instead of remake it. So I’m scrapping all my current textures and my plan for a farmhouse level.

I think my new plan is a crossroads level. Interesting fact: a long time again I made a map in Quake, inspired by X-Com, called crossroads. I never released it, but I had a group of people play it once and it was some of the most fun I’ve had in a game.

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