What I Learned From 3 Weeks of Java

When I was studying C++, I started getting a little confused with the this pointer and with dynamic variables. When I studying Java, every object that I made I used the notation: TypeName variable = new TypeName

I got used to seeing it that way and understood what it meant, so now when I’m back in my C++ book it is not at all intimidating to see this expression. It makes a lot more sense now, coming from Java to C++.

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Well I guess it’s back to C++. I had been going through a book Absolute C++ before I switched to Java, so I’m going to do a little review and finish that book.

It’s been difficult for me to find an intermediate C++ book. It seems like most books are for beginners, then they jump to Windows graphics programming and expect a higher level up C++ knowledge. I suppose I am just getting impatient though. Back to the grind.

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Game Development

I’ve decided to use this blog primarily for game development, which has been an interest of mine since 1996 or so. I’ve had tons of ideas for games over the years and several of them I keep coming back to. One in particular is my main motivation to learn more about game development and take it more seriously. It’s a bit overwhelming but I want to chronicle my experience.

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