New page – Vim, Git, and Windows for Unity part 2

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I uploaded part 2 of the Vim, Git and Windows that goes over styling and configuration.

New page – Vim, Git, and Windows for Unity

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I’m still here. It’s been a busy few months. After my latest release of Blasty Pack I ended up leaving my web development job and took a job in game development. It’s been great so far, and it’s a treat to be able to work in Unity with my day job.

I started the first page in a series I’m writing on using Vim and Git with Unity on Windows.

I’ve also got another game coming out in the next week or so for iOS called ‘Run The Ball!’. Here are some screenshots:
ss1 3p5 inch

ss2 3p5 inch

ss3 3p5 inch

ss4 3p5 inch

ss5 3p5 inch

New Blasty Pack Screenshots

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ios1 ios2 ios3 ios4 ios5

New Flying Jetpack Mobile Game – Sneak Peak

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I’ve been working on a new game, that’s taking inspiration from the Pilotwings series of games from Nintendo. You’ll play the game as one of several characters in a jet pack, and go flying around different levels, completing objectives. I’m also planning on a “Challenge” mode, where each map will have a set of challenges and you’ll be able to see how your score compares to everyone else.

First screenshot:

rocket 06-18-15

Flight / Collision test 1

flight collision test 2

Flight / Collision test 2

flight collision test 1

Still Alive

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Despite the lack of updates, I’ve still been working on some gamedev projects. I have been busy with several non gamedev related projects that are finishing up, so I’m hoping to get some new stuff released in the next few months.

One of the projects involves some multiplayer functionality so I might end up updating the networking tutorials.

Paparazzi Puncher Released

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A simple / small game that I made over the weekend:

Compete against others around the world for the most number of punched paparazzi! Just tap then punch. It’s that easy and that hard. You play as a celebrity bodyguard, on the way to a big premier celebrity event. It’s your job to punch the paparazzi that run up to the celebrity. That’ll show ’em! So what are you waiting for? Start punching!

App Store Download

Google Play Download

ip base ios 4 ip base ios 5 ip base ios 1 ip base ios 2 ip base ios 3

Shroud of the Avatar Website + Update

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The past several months have been busy. The biggest change has been switching to a new company at my day job, which has taken a while to get used to. I had started a small mobile game project but there were too many physics calculations and it proved to be too much work to optimize it for mobile. It was proving to be too time consuming and not worth the risk / reward.

I was able to get a little work done on one of my bigger desktop game projects, still untitled, but a mix between the modern X-Com game and the older Jagged Alliance games, but set in a medieval fantasy world. The idea is to setup a mercenary company, recruit different classes, build bases, and go on missions, all set in a turn based strategy / resource management game. It’s an extremely large project so I’ve still got a long way to go to be able to show anything.

The other game project I’ve been working on is a smaller mobile game. I’m still prototyping out the idea, but I think the basic premise is a top down scrolling game, where you act as a bodyguard to celebrities walking through crowds. As crazy fans rush to the star, you have to knock them out.

I’ve also been working on a small side project website called for a game I’m really excited about, Shroud of the Avatar. I just recently got the site online, and I’m still doing quite a bit of work on it, but check it out if you get the chance.

Bounce Kitty Bounce Released!

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My newest game Bounce Kitty Bounce just hit the App Store!

Get it on the app store.

It’s a fairly simple game about avoiding the spikes by bouncing a kitty.

For more information, check out the Bounce Kitty Bounce page.

Sushi Free Released

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My latest game Sushi Free has just been released on the App Store.

Originally I wanted to do some bug fixes for my first game Sushi Go Yobi, but as I began to work on it I decided to go ahead and rewrite the entire thing. I think this version is large improvement and I made it free and implemented In App Purchases.

Check it out and let me know what you think.


ss1 sml ss2 sml ss3 sml ss4 sml ss5 sml

June / July Update (Refactoring)

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It’s been a busy two months. Most of my development has been refactoring. It’s really interesting going back and looking through my old code for game. Sushi Go Yobi was my first released game and I spent maybe a year of off and on work to get it to release. When I went back to refactor, I took a look at how messy everything was and just redid everything. It took about 3 weeks to completely rewrite most of it. The other refactor was Free Climber. This was my second release, and the code was a little better but that’s not saying much. Again, I rewrote most of the game and this time it took about 2 weeks.

I refactored all of the code in Sushi Go Yobi and changed some of the mechanics to make it a bit easier or more ‘fluid’. I’m releasing it as a brand new game called Sushi Free on the App Store, which will be free with in app purchases. It should be release any day now, I’m just waiting for the review with Apple to finish up.

The code for Free Climber was also completely rewritten and optimized. Some of the previous code was truly cringe-worthy: the climber has to grab on to “holds” to pull himself up the mountain. Each hold is a type of joint in Unity, and the strength of that joint is set when the climber is created at the start of the game. It basically determines how easy it is to hold on to the “hold”. I actually had a statement to look through every single game object in a scene and build a list of the game objects that were tagged as ‘hold’. On the first level there are over 600 holds! Incredibly inefficient. So all of those things were rewritten.

The other news was being accepted into Microsoft’s Developer / Unity partnership program, so I got a free copy of Windows 8, a Microsoft Dev license, and a free Windows 8 Phone to test with. So part of the time rewriting Free Climber was implementing some Windows Phone stuff. It’s out on the Windows Store now, but I still need to implement in the in app purchases for it.

Next steps:

I want to add a challenge mode to Free Climber, and see about porting it over to Android as well. And I want to start porting Sushi Free to Windows Phone and Android. After that I might take a little break from the mobile space and go back to working on Modern Tactics.