Weekly Update

This week I as I began to get the Diablo-esque game into a playable demo state, I noticed a few things that were holding it back from being a more fun experience. The problem I was having was that there was no way to ‘avoid’ a melee hit. And at low levels without many hit points, this usually resulted in whoever got the attack animation off first, usually won the fight immediately. When playing against a computer, this meant you would almost always lose.

So I actually started to integrate more of the open source d20 rules. This changed the way the game worked on a pretty deep level, but it allows for a lot more strategy and much more depth. You can still attack and get killed pretty quickly, but you have options that you can exploit to give yourself a possible advantage. It’s much more engaging.

So that’s what I’ve been working on the latter part of this week. No screenshots to show for anything yet. Hopefully next week I’ll have the majority of this new system done.

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Weekly Update

The past two weeks work of my Diabloesque game have gone well. I’ve got two factions added, the human knights and the goblins, with basic AI and abilities. Each side has 5 classes. So I’m beginning to start adding in a sample map. Once that’s done I should have a basic ‘level’ of the game complete, and hopefully start playtesting.


I’ve also started sketching out a few other ideas, one most notably being a tropical island survival game.

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Weekly Update

This week was a little busy but I still managed to get a decent chunk of work done on the Diablo-esque game.

The big thing I was able to add was working AI that will always be looking for enemies with range, has a random chance to try and use a special ability, but will otherwise try to capture the nearest uncaptured control point. It’s all done using behavior trees which I’ve really enjoyed working with.

I also started working on the Vanguard class and the Pikeman class, and added ‘Effectors’ so that certain abilities can stun, slow movement, or poison.

Once I wrap up these effectors and flesh out some more special abilities, I can work to finish off the first 2 factions I’m adding in the game: The Kingdom of Vireveth and the Raging Claw goblin tribe, each with 5 separate classes.

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Weekly Update

I’m going to try to make it more of a priority to do a weekly update (or maybe bi-weekly). Most of the time I don’t have too much to write about: “wrote some code, tested some stuff out, some worked, some didn’t”. I know there is value in recapping the things I’ve done over the week though, at least for right now.

This past week I started to refactor the “third person action rpg” into more of a Diablo style movement and attack scheme:

So most of the core movement and melee type attacks are done. Now I’m just working on ranged attacks.

The other thing I started working on yesterday was a Desert Strike inspired game. I was just messing around with the idea and started prototyping out the idea. I’m not sure where I’ll take it or how complicated it will be, but I’d like to keep it simple and just have a fun action game where you fly around in an attack helicopter and blow stuff up, in a low-poly style world.

Basic movement code is done, and I’m working on the attacking system right now. I did record a pretty funny glitch I introduced by accident. I was working on recognizing forward momentum and slightly titling the helicopter forward. My first test resulted in the magical flipping copter:

So that’s it for this week. If it’s not too crazy I’ll try to update next week as well, and if not, then hopefully the week after.

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Action RPG in the works

The past few weeks I’ve been working on an action rpg, almost in the style of the game Running with Rifles. I liked the idea of you playing just one character among hundreds in the middle of a battle. But I’m putting a fantasy rpg twist on it, but the basic gameplay of capture points king of the hill style remains.

Right now I’m planning on several factions (melee oriented humans, magic oriented humans, elves, dwarves, goblins, undead, orges) and several classes for each.

I’ve managed to get quite a bit done so far, check out the initial work done:




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Update and Tutorial Ideas

I’m still here and still working on game dev projects, even though this is my first update for 2016. I decided to start working on a desktop game release, since all of my games up to this point have been for mobile.

To that end, I’ve worked on a few prototypes for some game ideas for desktop. My first prototype was a game made in a similar control style to the Dark Souls series of games. Those games are heavily animation driven so I ended up learning quite a bit of new things with Unity’s mecanim system. I also toyed around with a few old game remakes (or at least ‘inpsired by’). One being the old NES game Crystalis, and the other being the SNES game Desert Strike. Both of those didn’t get too far into the prototype stage. My latest prototype was using character physics for animation. I had originally wanted to create a network system for character physics but I think the scope might be too big, especially if my original goal is a desktop release this year. I think I’m close to narrowing down the projects into one to focus on exclusively. So far it’s turning out to be a mix of Dark Souls and Running With Rifles. I’ll update more as I know more.

The other thing was a few ideas for new tutorials. I’ve been working with several third-party assets from the Unity Asset store that I’d like to make tutorials on. So far the top picks are Final IK + PuppetmasterThird Person Controller, Behavior Designer, Gaia, and possibly PlayMaker. I had thought of this before the Unity Affiliate announcement, but if that ends up being a thing then I might as well sign up for it and make those tutorials though!

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New page – Vim, Git, and Windows for Unity

I’m still here. It’s been a busy few months. After my latest release of Blasty Pack I ended up leaving my web development job and took a job in game development. It’s been great so far, and it’s a treat to be able to work in Unity with my day job.

I started the first page in a series I’m writing on using Vim and Git with Unity on Windows.

I’ve also got another game coming out in the next week or so for iOS called ‘Run The Ball!’. Here are some screenshots:
ss1 3p5 inch

ss2 3p5 inch

ss3 3p5 inch

ss4 3p5 inch

ss5 3p5 inch

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